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Informants and Agents About Us

5000+ Police Informant/Rat Profiles currently featured***

Welcome To WhosaRat.com *** Important *** Please read this *** Whosarat.com Tech And Mgmt. Answers to Common Questions submitted to us by Members and Visitors to this website and other Important info...
Question: Who created Whosarat.com and why was it created?

Answer: Whosarat.com was created and launched in 2004 by Sean Bucci of Massachusetts. At that time Mr.Bucci was vigorously fighting an overblown Marijuana Case in Federal Court. This marijuana case was initiated Due to a police Informant who was being paid cash and a get out of jail free card by the DEA and decided to drop Mr Bucci's name during one of his debriefings. Naturally since Mr. Bucci was fighting for his life and there was no way he would ever consider cooperating with the government he had asked the Government for all discovery/Information/Identities related to the Informant in his case that started this investigation. The Government gave an absurd response that they would not give him any information related to the informant in his pending case until a few days before the start of his trial. Clearly this was not fair for the Prosecution/Government to have YEARS to build their case against a defendant and at the same time only allow a defendant DAYS to build a defense due to holding back the necessary informants identity/criminal record and all other related info until a few days before a defendants Federal Trial. This is clearly not a level Playing Field and it makes it impossible to build a solid defense.... This obviously did not sit well with Mr. Bucci and at that moment the idea for WhosaRat.com was Born. The Idea was to legally Level the playing field so defendants would have another option to investigate their accusers/police Informants without having to wait a until a few days before trial to start a defense investigation due to unfair prosecutor practices. and in addition to these unfair prosecutor practices and dirty tricks if a defendant pleads out and does not go to trial he will never get this Important Police Informant Information which is often needed in the first place when deciding whether or not to go to trial. In Mr Bucci's case he did go to trial almost 4 years after his arrest and the Government did wait until just before his trial in 2007 to give him this very important Informant discovery/Info. But by that time Whosarat.com had been on the Internet for 3 years and had become very popular and as a bonus Mr Bucci had figured out who his Informant was because someone had posted his Informant "Thomas Evans" in the whosarat.com Police Informant/Rat database years prior and in addition to that several whosarat.com members had even emailed him some other unknown important info on this informant to him. This is a common story from many members of whosarat.com. It's all about leveling the Playing Field or as many members have put it saving lives....
The Public has accepted and given Kudos to Whosarat.com. Now of course as Expected the Government/Prosecutors and Law Enforcement have a very different opinion of whosarat.com. They do not want defendants or the General public to have the knowledge of the sneaky and deceptive tricks they use or for the public to have access to the very Important and necessary Information regarding their Numerous Spineless Informants/Rats who are often paid with cash and a get out of jail free card for their serious crimes in exchange for setting up others often for a less serious crime or for no crime at all.

Whosarat.com is a Legal Investigative Resource designed for Public Use. WhosaRat.com has immunity and it's Members are protected by the United States Constitution, Federal Case Law, and US Code, see 47 USC . s 230(c) --Section 230 of the communications decency act of 1996( the CDA) --- Ben Ezra, Weinstein, & Co. V. America Online Inc., 206 f.3d 980, 985-86 (10th cir . 2000) --- Batzel v. Smith, 333 f.3d 1018 , 1026-27 ( 9th cir . 2003) Barrett V. Rosenthal Ca Supreme Ct (Nov 2006) ...
Whosarat has been featured in numerous major print , radio and Television and many various other Internet media websites. this website has been visited by millions since its release and it has many members from around the world. Whosarat.com has many features such as Top Secret Documents, Important case law and news, member supplied links, member recommended attorney section and more in addition to that we proudly feature a very popular free Message board and chat room for all to use, click on this link whosarat.websitetoolbox.com
Most Importantly Whosarat.com Features over 5000 Police Informants/Rats many of which contain pictures and paperwork such as cooperation agreements, what area this Informant resides in, police agency they inform for from all over the Globe in the Informant database and new Informant/Rat profiles are added almost everyday by our members. and we have a growing corrupt Police Officer database and so MUCH MORE!!!!
Whosarat.com is a very Important, one of a kind Legal investigative resource tool. Help us level the playing field and get your membership today!!! Because Information is Power and the Government, Prosecutors and Police should not be the only ones to possess all the Power... The Public has a right to know and be able to have a Level Playing field.....
If you would like to become a member just go to the homepage and click on almost any button and a membership selection screen will appear or click the following link. Memberships vary in price depending on the type of membership you would like 7 day, 6 month, 1 year and lifetime and our extremely secure payment gateway accepts all debit and credit cards including prepaid. please note that we DO NOT re bill your card when your membership expires, if you want another membership when your current membership expires you must purchase another one from the membership selection screen....
Link To Membership selection Screen: http://www.whosarat.com/membership.php
Question: I just purchased a whosarat.com membership and during the purchase while i was filling out the info in the payment screen I created a username and password where it asked to enter a username and password. I received my receipt for my membership purchase only but my username and password were not listed on the receipt, should I have received any other email?

Answer: that is the only email you should have received, just go ahead and login to whosarat.com with the 'case sensitive' username and password that you created when you purchased your membership. If you forgot the Username and password you created just go to the left side of the whosarat homepage and you will see a button/link that says 'forgot username and password' click on that and when instructed enter your email address that you used when you bought your membership and your username and password will be automatically emailed to you don't forget to look in your spam/junk email folder, If you do not not receive the email try white listing support@whosarat.com and contact@whosarat.com in your email and firewall security settings and repeat process. If this still does not work send a email with a description of your issue to support@whosarat.com and whosarat98@ymail.com and we will assist you.
Question: Why does it say that my username and password are "case sensitive"?

Answer: This is a very important Question. This means that you must enter your username and password exactly as it was created and is shown, If it contains a capital letter use a capital letter if it contains a lower case letter use a lowercase letter if is all lower case letters enter all lower case letters if it is all CAPITAL letters enter all capital letters. If you do not enter the letters exactly as you created you will not be able to login to the website.
Question: Why is the Whosarat.com Message Board and Chat room open to the public and free for all to use but I need a membership to access the whosarat.com main website?

Answer: As a courtesy to the public we allow and encourage everyone to have a voice on the Whosarat.com Message Board because we realize that not everyone can afford a whosarat.com membership but we still would like you to be able to express yourself regarding police informant use, legal issues, police and Government corruption your personal stories and requests etc. etc.. Please use this link to access the whosarat message board Whosarat.websitetoolbox.com
Question: Can I use my whosarat.com main website username and password to login to the message board?

Answer: No.. You must register again on the message board itself and select and select a new username and password. please note in most cases you can select the same 'Case Sensitive' username and password you are currently using to enter the whosarat.com main website.
Question: I read the warning message in my membership receipt email that said that my password and Username will be deactivated and no refund will be given if the whosarat.com security features detects different people accessing whosarat.com at the same time using the same username and password, I only let a friend use my password once and he accessed the website at the same time as me and now my username and password are deactivated. What should I do?

Answer: There is nothing that you can do once this happens and your membership is deactivated due to you sharing your login information other than purchase another membership and do not share that info with anyone. The security feature was designed and the warning was written for a reason which is to protect you and this website. Please read all warnings very carefully from now on...

Q: I want to post my Rat/police Informant's profile in the Whosarat.com Police informant database but I do not have his photo. Do you have any suggestions as to where I can get his photo from?

A: Yes try the following suggestions and if that does not work be creative.

Theinmatelocator.com (If your rat was ever in jail or prison look for the state and jail he was in by using this link and run his name by searching the state and county jail he was in. Most states have pictures of current and former inmates on their Dept of Corrections web sites) also try googling 'inmate search' for other similar web sites

Police Dept that arrested him >> His Arrest report and Booking sheet which contains his Mug Shot are public record. Request this in person or in writing from the Police Dept that arrested him.

Court Docket >> If your rat was ever arraigned for any case in court , make a request in writing or in person to the Court Clerk of the court where your Rat was arraigned for any case and ask for a copy of his entire Docket including arrest report with arrest photo. This is public Record.

Social Media websites >> Search social media pages in your rats name or friends and relatives or your rat. Look at the Photos on those pages for a picture of your rat.

Google >> Search for your rats Photo by entering his name in a search on Google and Google images. Also search news paper archives for his photo if he was ever in the news paper.

Contact mutual friends >>> ask them if they have a picture of your rat.. or maybe a high school yearbook photo if your rat still looks like he did in high school, if you use a high school photo please note on the profile that this is an older photo from when your rat was in high school.

High school reunion type websites >> such as classmates.com or a similar website.

Private Investigator >> Hire a private investigator to get a copy of his picture. like maybe a copy of his drivers license or arrest photo or an actual picture taken by the private investigator.

Pacer.gov >> If your Rat was arrested by the FEDS and arraigned in Federal Court you can access his Court Docket online by getting a username and password from pacer.gov It is free to search his court docket online and you will only be charged a few cents per page if you actually download one of the documents or motions. This docket will have every document ever filed in his case including cooperation agreements, plea agreements, 5k1 motions, Rule 35 motions etc although sometimes these documents are sealed to protect the rat. Also the first couple of entry's may contain his arrest photo. Again this is all public record..
Question: I would like to purchase a whosarat.com membership but I do not have a credit or debit card. What should I do?

Answer: We suggest that you go to a store such as Walgreens, CVS, western union etc and purchase a prepaid debit card such as green dot, that can be used to buy a whosarat.com membership/Support Gear and all other online purchases and please do not forget to add the right amount of funds to the card during its purchase.
Question: I was just wondering when whosarat.com is going to restart selling it's Support Gear and shirts again thru the whosarat.com online store?

Answer: We are currently setting up a new online store with all new support gear and shirts etc.. this should be open soon. we will have an announcement on the message board and homepage as soon as the store is ready.
Question: I am a reporter or editor for a news publication and would like to write a story about whosarat.com, I was wondering if I can have your permission to display the whosarat.com homepage as part of my story? Also what is the best way to contact a W.A.R representative to arrange an interview?

Answer: All Print, TV, And Online Journalist, Editors, Bloggers, website owners and social media users etc. have our express permission to use/display the Whosarat.com home page in your story or blog etc..
As far as contacting us to arrange an interview try emailing us at whosarat98@ymail.com and contact@whosarat.com send a few emails to get our attention if you need to meet a deadline because we receive many emails and sometimes emails just get missed....
Question: How do I get a Free whosarat.com Banner/Link to post on my Website, Blog or Social media page such as facebook, twitter, myspace, LinkedIn etc.?

Answer: Click the "Links to us" Button on the left side of the whosarat.com homepage.. select the banner that you want and copy and paste it and its code on your page.
Question: How do I access the complete Police Informant database list?

Answer: Once you login as a member there are several ways to access the W.A.R police informant database list,
you can click on the link/button on the bottom of the homepage that says "If you are under 18 do not click this" and it will bring up all kinds of member supplied links but the first links that appear are the links to the Informant/Rat database and a link to the corrupt Police Officer database. or another option is to click on the word 'Informants' with a # next to the word located at the bottom right of the homepage or you can use the search bar on the homepage select informants from the drop-down menu and either enter a name, state etc and click select or leave the search bar blank and click select and the whole list will be pop up in alphabetical order by state.
Question: How do I add a Police Informant to the Database?

Answer: Login to Whosarat and click 'add an Informant' when profile screen appears fill out the info and follow the directions to upload photos and paper work, enter the code at the bottom and click the submit button. Once submitted you can not edit.
Question: Is this website Legal?

Answer: Yes this web site is Legal and it is protected by the United States Constitution, US Code, and Federal Case Law. Please remember that we do have some rules such as that we do not condone violence or threats of violence against anyone including police informants or police officers on this web site and please do not post anyone's complete social security #'s, if it is contained within the documents you are uploading just redact/black out the last couple of #'s. If you post threats of violence or complete SSN on any profile or post we will remove the post, deactivate your membership and ban you from this web site. You will receive NO refund... also please do not place advertisements on this websites unless asked to do so by whosarat.com management.... Please abide by these simple rules. If you feel a certain way against a Police Informant or LEO, Just let Karma do its job. If you have patience you will be amazed at how powerful Karma actually is.... One final rule if you are involved with Law Enforcement in any way DO NOT purchase a whosarat.com membership. We do not want you as a member, we do not care if you need to see if your informant/rat is listed in our database. bottom line is that you have your data bases on us, the general public and this web site/database is for us the general public to use. so Stay the *@%$ off of this this web site. If we discover that you have purchased a membership and you are a LEO we will refund your purchase and ban you from the website.....
Question: I love whosarat.com, I appreciate what you guys are doing and what you stand for. I would like to make a donation to support this web site and/or a personal donation to support Sean Bucci the W.A.R Founder. How do I do this?

Answer: Thank you for your Support and Our Founder would also like to thank you in advance, in fact we will send a special thank you from him to you personally on the message board using your last name only if a donation is made to him to help pay for his legal expenses.. To support the web site you can purchase one or more memberships or purchase some support gear from our online store which is coming soon. To Support the whosarat.com founder Sean Bucci you can do so by sending a donation via 'Western Union Quick collect"
Payment Method: Western Union 'Quick Collect' 1-800-634-3422 press option 2 or online at westernunion.com and select 'quick collect'
Pay to: Sean Bucci 24784038
City Code: FBOP
State Code: DC

Additional Information:
*All profiles that contain a picture or documents are denoted with a small red*
*Whosarat.com is a database driven website designed for the general public, Criminal defendants with few resources, and defense attorneys. the purpose of this web site is for individuals/general public to educate, post, share, request any and all police informant and LEO related information that has been made public at some point to at least 1 person including the defendant himself this includes a police informant that makes his or her informant status known to anyone. prior to posting it on this web site to include all Federal, State and local Informants Identities and related Info..
* The webmaster has temporarily removed the add a picture option for the police/agent database only, It is very possible that this option will be re-activated very soon. The add a picture and paperwork option is as always still active and it use is encouraged for the police Informant profile section.
* If you purchase a membership and have an activation issue and we correct it your membership will be reset from the day we fix the issue.
*This web site does not promote or condone violence or illegal activity against police Informants or LEO's If you post anything related to violence against these people or organizations your post will be removed, your membership deactivated without a refund and you will be banned from the web site.all posts should be taken with a grain of salt unless backed by documents, but keep in mind documents are not always available and are sometimes sealed or protective orders placed on them so it would be best to verify by contacting the person who posted the profile..
* whosarat.com takes no responsibility for, and exercises no control over, the members/users views, or accuracy of the information contained on this server whosarat.com has immunity from all liability concerning postings by any third party or web site member. see 47 U.S.C s. 230 (c) ---section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996,, Ben Ezra , Weinstein, & co. V . America Online inc. 206 f.3d 980,985-86 (10th cir 2000) Batzel V. Smith, 333 f.3d 1018, 1026-27 (9th cir 2003) Barrett v. Rosenthal CA Supreme Ct (NOV 2006) US V Leon Carmichal Alabama Federal Ct (2004).
* Please make sure that what ever Information you submit on the Informant or LEO Profiles on this website is accurate because in order to deter informants and Law enforcement from trying to impersonate our members to try to get us to remove profiles (which they have done in the past) we are charging a $500 fee to remove any profile , Profiles will only be removed at the request of the person who posted it and upon payment of removal fee.
* If you have dispute with a post, first try contacting the person who posted it, if that does not work send us an email and we will try contacting the person who posted it to see if they stand by their post or, keep in mind this may take some time.
* Thank You for all your support and feedback.

A Message from our Founder.......

Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to all those who have been Arrested and the Families who have been Affected due to the use of Spineless Police Informants who are working for cash and get out of jail cards. Believe me I am one person who knows what you and your family are going thru. I have never hurt anyone in my life and I have always tried to help everyone I ever knew. Yes supposedly the Government says I sold some Marijuana in the past and to get me they pay informants who have a long criminal history including violence and give them get out of jail free cards. Due to this type of Police Informant my life and my family's life has been seriously affected. I have been dealing with this since 2003. I have also experienced the type of informants such as a best friend and a ex girlfriend who threw me and my family under the bus and made up lies in order to impress Federal Prosecutors. there is no excuse for these acts except being spineless, weak minded and self serving. I do not understand how these people can look at themselves in the mirror. I could never hurt anyone, let alone someone who was like family just to save myself. At least I know that I am as solid as they come and I can always look in the mirror. To all of you that know what I am talking about Please keep your Head up and continue the good fight!!!
Don't forget we have plenty of room in our Informant data base for your Rats.. to all the LEO's and Rats who don't like this web site "Go Pound Sand!!!"
Also Thank you so much to all of the whosarat.com Supporters who have posted whosarat.com banners and links on their web sites and social media pages such as Face Book, MySpace, Twitter etc.. This really makes a difference and helps get the word out about whosarat.com. If you would like to be a W.A.R supporter you can help us by clicking the 'Links to us button/tab' on the left side of the whosarat.com homepage and select a banner/link to display and copy and paste the banner and its code onto your web site or page or you can just type in WhosaRat.com onto your page and send it out to your friends and ask them to spread the word. Together we can make a Huge Difference and Level This Uneven Playing Field.....

PAGE: www.whosarat.com

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